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  6. Black Players on German National Football Team 1974-2014

    Black Players on German National Football Team 1974-2014


    Erwin Kostedde (1974-1975)image

    Jimmy Hartwig (1979)


    Gerald Asamoah (2002-2006)


    Patrick Owomoyela (2004–2006)


    David Odonkor (2006-2008)


    Marvin Compper (2008)


    Dennis Aogo (2010)image

    Cacau (2010)


    Sidney Sam (2013)


    Jérôme Boateng (2010-2014)


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  9. Photo: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andre Leon Talley and Friends by Andy Warhol (circa 1984) 

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    unique gelatin silver print 8 x 10 in. (20.3 x 25.4 cm.) Andy Warhol at Christie’s, copyright © Christie’s, 2014.

  10. Photoset: Old postcards from Somalia. (x)

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  11. Book Cover: Samuel Delany—Sklaven der Flamme (1978).

    German edition of Captives of the Flame (1963). 

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  12. Farbe bekennen: Afro-deutsche Frauen auf den Spuren ihrer Geschichte




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  13. Photoset: These Brown Babies Must Be Helped (Ebony Magazine)

    The West German public, it was argued, regarded these children with such hostility that the children, if they remained in Germany, would face an unhappy future. Should they remain in Germany, they would have to struggle with discrimination and prejudice on a daily basis. Regardless of which of these two arguments were emphasized, their impact was effectively the same: both state youth welfare bureaus and sectarian associations were convinced of the necessity to act in the best interests of Afro-German children. For their own protection, Afro-German children were seen to be best cared for “among their own kind”—in Africa, South America, or the United States. Curiously, the wishes of the mothers of these children were completely ignored by youth welfare officials and politicians in this debate.

    “GERMANY’S ‘BROWN BABIES’ MUST BE HELPED! WILL YOU?” U.S. Adoption Plans for Afro-German Children, 1950–1955

    Yara-Colette Lemke Muniz de Faria

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  14. 30 years ago, June 25 1984

    Prince & The Revolution - PURPLE RAIN

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    1 - “Purple Rain was released by Warner Bros. Records on June 25, 1984, and was Prince’s sixth album. Prince wrote all of the songs on the album, some with the input of fellow band members. ”I Would Die 4 U”, ”Baby I’m a Star” and ”Purple Rain” were recorded live from a show on August 3, 1983, at the First Avenue club in Minneapolis, with overdubs and edits added later. This marked the first time Prince included live recordings on any release.[8] The show was a benefit concert for the Minnesota Dance Theater and featured the first appearance of guitarist Wendy Melvoin in Prince’s band, The Revolution.”

    2 - “Prince won two Grammy Awards in 1985 for Purple Rain, for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group and Best Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or TV Special, and the album was nominated for Album of the Year. Prince won a third Grammy that year for Best R&B Song (songwriter) for Chaka Khan's cover of “I Feel for You”. Purple Rain also won an Oscar for Best Original Song Score in 1985.”

    3 - “Purple Rain sold 13 million units in the United States, including 1.5 million in its debut week,earning a Diamond Award from the Recording Industry Association of America. According to Billboard magazine, the album spent 24 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard album charts (August 4, 1984 to January 18, 1985) becoming one of the top soundtracks ever. Purple Rain traded the #1 album chart position with Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. twice, during 1984 and 1985. The album has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.


    1. "When Doves Cry"
    2. 17 Days
    1. "Let’s Go Crazy"
    2. Erotic City
    1. "Purple Rain"
    2. "God" (vocal)
    3. "God" (instrumental) — UK version only
    1. "I Would Die 4 U"
    2. "Another Lonely Christmas"
    1. "Take Me with U"
    2. "Baby I’m a Star"
  15. Flyer: an evening with Anita Baker (Winston-Salem University. October 31, 1987)

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