Campaign Poster: Bobby Seale for Mayor & Elaine Brown for Oakland City Council (1973) 

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The Dalit Panthers, a militant Dalit organization inspired by the Black Panther Party, were founded in April 1972 in Mumbai.  

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The Young Lords in New York

The Young Lords Party (formed in the early 1960’s in New York City by mostly Puerto Rican students and immigrants, inspired by the Black Panther Party) looked to defend the rights of Puerto Rican immigrants and to struggle for National Liberation. Many became involved in student and anti-war movements and wanted to apply the skills gained in that work to creating a community-based revolutionary organization.

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Yuri Kochiyama and Richard Aoki, Japanese members of the Black Panther Party

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“Life and Death of the Black Panthers”

Cover of Italian magazine, STORIA ILLUSTRATA (1975 N° 211)

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The Year of the Panther

The Black Panther Community News Service (January 4, 1969 Vol 2 No 19)

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