Sun Ra — Atlantis (1975)

Photoset: Amiri Baraka & Sun Ra — A Black Mass (1968)

In 1987 WKCR FM aired a “Sun Ra Festival,” broadcasting 116 hours of music and interviews with Sun Ra and the Arkestra

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The elasticity of words
The phonetic dimension of words
The multi-self of words
Is energy for thought – If it is a reality.
The idea that words
Can form themselves into the impossible
Then the way to the impossible
Is through the words.

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From “Do Negroids Dream of Electric Screech” by Greg Tate (2007)

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Sun Ra Arkestra live at Montreux 1976

Documentary: Sun Ra, Brother From Another Planet (Dir. Don Letts, 2005)

Sun Ra - The Phonetic Shield (Handwritten poem, undated)

Sun Ra - The Meaning of the Word (Handwritten poem undated)

Sun Ra - Negroes Are Not Men

from The Wisdom of Sun Ra: Sun Ra’s Polemical Broadsheets and Streetcorner Leaflets (2006)

Sun Ra - Freedom From Freedom

Freedom From Freedom
Freedom from freedom 
From the liberty 
Of the land 
Where destruction’s light 
Is the land.

Freedom from the decree of freedom 
From the liberty 
Of the land of destruction 
Is the decree 
That can truly save 
Those whose freedom 
Is a burden and a shame 
What price freedom that despairs? 
What glory freedom that destroys?

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